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The Lyrical Analyst
Dark Lane Demo Tapes Review – Drake
Corey T  June 2020

Essential Tracks: “Chicago Freestyle”, “Toosie Slide”, and “Time Flies”

Have you ever imagined starting from the bottom and arriving at the top with everything this world has to offer a young rich black man? Drake’s 9th LP takes you on a successful journey of his experiences as he is “Too Turnt” while the time flies right by him. In this album Drake shares his experience with friendships both new and old that was lost and gained to the GAME. Unapologetic for the success he spits about, IGin’ random Braud’s and pulling up outside in a AMG just for the thrill. Now that Drake has deep pockets, he reminisces of how his life used to be without big bank. Thinking back at his mindset before the money and what kept him hungry for success and the possibilities during his journey. 33 years Drake say’s he gave to the game to become the richer man that he believes what really matters in this world that we livin’ in.  Landing on Clear Ports in different city’s getting different numbers and sipping’ on Cartier.


We get some pretty good guest appearances on 14 tracks such as FUTURE, YOUNG THUG and PLAYBOI CARTI. Out of all the joints on the album I must say that my favorite is probably Losses. Losses poetically explains another failed relationship for Drake. Relationships with close friends that only had half of their heart in. Drake realizes that you can’t have a deep relationship or friendship with someone without having jealousy and envy in check.  See people just don’t know how to be happy for one another without involving HATE. Lost it to the GAME gotta own it… After closely listing to these demo tape tracks, I realized that Drake is really trying to express how money and success has cost him pain and lost friendships. Close friends that he even tried to put on and stand on their own. Drake put his homies under his wing but they all just stayed there. You can give a friend a fish for now and kill the hunger but if you show them how to fish they can eat forever…  To sum it all up. The album doesn’t feel like Drake went to the studio to make these songs, but he really just went to spit some cold FACTS.

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