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By definition a Lyric is a word that expresses a subjective, personal point of view. Sounds usually produced by instruments or voices that are arranged or played in order to create a pleasing or stimulating effect is called MUSIC.  MUSIC is the one common element that allows human beings to express themselves collectively.  Lyric Wear combines both music and apparel to facilitate a new form of expression.


At Lyric Wear we believe that all individuals traveling through life are beings of lyrics whose soul purpose is to expresses personal emotions or thoughts.  Rather than portraying characters and actions, the lyric addresses the reviewer directly, portraying his or her own feelings, states of mind, and perceptions.  Lyric Wear aims to become a clothing line of high quality sportswear that expresses musical culture.  Lyric Wear is committed to quality and innovative designs that appeal to the marketed consumer and delivers a universal message and breaks stereotypes of musical culture.


Influenced and motivated by hip-hop music and modern day apparel Lyric Wear begins out of the vision of a clothing line that represents and will become a symbol of contemporary Hip-Hop culture.   As the vision for Lyric Wear grows, the thought of limiting Lyric Wear to just Hip-Hop culture alone seems to be bias to other music genres.  The movement should include all musical genres.  Lyric Wear’s marketing strategy is to target consumers that are influenced by a wide range of music genres and is able to effectively market to consumers an entire lifestyle through music.  Lyric Wear aims to grow from a small niche, to a mainstream phenomenon that will become more pervasive, more powerful, and more relevant than any other cultural movement.  Key to Lyric Wear success is the brands commitment to quality, innovation in design, and support of the retail trade through strategic marketing and advertising.  For the consumer, Lyrical Fashions delivers a universal message that breaks stereotypes and ethnic boundaries – setting the new standard in sportswear and establishes the company as a new complete American lifestyle brand.

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